Annual Maintenance and Capital Projects

Braskem has relied on M. Davis & Sons for over 20 years for emergency work, annual shutdowns, and regular maintenance. We’ve put large crews of seasoned tradespeople on the Braskem job site for scheduled outages, working in shifts 24 hours a day and over weekends to get the facility back up and running on time.

We handle modifications and call work with a multi-skilled workforce, often using half the manpower of other contractors to perform the same work. And, since M. Davis can provide multiple craftsmen from different trades, Braskem gets an array of workers for a variety of projects, all from one shop. In addition to our manpower, no one competes with M. Davis & Sons on work quality and safety.

Project Details
In 2014 M. Davis worked 12,800+ hours at Braskem working on a variety of piping, equipment setting, structural steel, and maintenance/shutdown support projects.

  • The pipe projects consisted of various materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum pipe.
  • Equipment setting of compressors, condensers, exchangers, and columns ranged from 13,000 lbs. to 21,000 lbs.