Remove and Replace Outdated Water Softener System

Scope of Work
Removed three existing water softeners, two brine day tanks and all associated process piping inside the water softener room. Removed all support steel and hangers on all walls and ceilings.

Project Details

  • Customer supplied two new water softener tanks (48” dia. x 90” high) and one new brine day tank (42” dia. x 60” high). M. Davis was responsible for installing the three tanks as dimensioned on the general arrangement plan and anchor each with galvanized bolts as required after all the process piping was in place.
  • M. Davis supplied and installed all process piping and supports per drawings issued. Piping was Schedule 10 stainless steel, Schedule 40 carbon steel and Schedule 80 CPVC. The CPVC piping headers on the new tanks were supported by stainless steel unistrut. All wall pipe supports and miscellaneous hangers were galvanized.
  • The softener room potable water supply and treated water return lines required 6” tie-ins welded to the existing piping.