Overhaul Process Piping Systems, Renovation of CPD Process Development Center

Thanks to our significant bench strength, and generations of experience in site maintenance and capital improvement projects, M. Davis & Sons is the go-to source for craftsmen across the trades. Through our turnkey approach, we can provide design/build services, evaluate constructability, and work with engineering firms to iron out issues that could affect the project’s construction and costs. Our capabilities enabled us to tackle this very challenging job, in which a lot of R&D was happening in a complex building, requiring a carefully sequenced approach to completing the work.

Scope of Work
Renovation of a laboratory and research & development testing facility infrastructure totaling 85,000 square feet. The project required converting outdated equipment and technology around chemical research and development, and the reconfiguration of process research space; this involved major equipment dismantlement and removals as well as significant utility installations to support the new requirements for today’s agricultural and chemical research with flexible space plans.

With existing research and development work ongoing during the major system renovation, we made strategic decisions to avoid impacting operations, while performing massive overhauls of the piping systems. The job required multiple shutdowns in coordination with the plant managers.

Project Details:

  • Process mechanical:
    • Vacuum
    • Compressed air, breathing air
    • Nitrogen, helium; mixed gases
    • DI Water
    • Process chilled water
    • Process drainage
    • Plumbing: drainage
    • Domestic water
    • Safety shower water
  • HVAC:
    • Chilled water
    • Steam and condensate
    • Condenser water
    • Existing process exhaust demolition and installations
    • Pressure reducing stations
    • Chillers
    • Existing AHU retrofits
    • New AHU installations
    • Supply and exhaust ductwork for new system layout and design