Chilled Water Upgrades in R&D Facility

This chilled water system—comprising cooling towers, pumps, chillers, and piping—had come up on its life expectancy and capacity; the entire system, located on the facility’s 4th floor, had to be revitalized. M. Davis completed the seven-phase, seven-year project in a fully functioning research and development facility without interrupting daily operations. We were one of only two contractors permitted to bid on the project because of our superior track record with these types of complicated, manpower-intensive projects.

The multi-phase project was broken up into manageable chunks and one phase of the project was tackled each year in cycles. Much of the work was performed on the weekends over a 24-hour period to avoid disruptions and get systems back on line in time for AstraZeneca’s employees to run processes first thing on Monday. Because of the compressed timeframe, scheduling and coordination was crucial to the success of the project. All work was prioritized in advance with the AstraZeneca team.

Scope of Work

All piping and all equipment was revitalized and enhanced, all while keeping the pharmaceutical research area up and running.

This project involved rigging and demolition associated with field removal, modifications and installation of structural steel. Tremendous crane work was involved, and a 500-ton-capacity crane was used to its full capacity. Enormous pieces of equipment—some measuring 30 feet wide—were brought in relocated. Our crew had to maneuver through holes in the roof or lift equipment to the mezzanine level and then transport it up to the 4th floor.

Air handlers and ductwork that were replaced had to meet stringent air quality requirements.

Project Details

M. Davis fabricated and installed:

  • New structural steel to accommodate the new cooling towers and associated piping
  • New central chilled water pumping station
  • New tower water distribution system each with 24 inch supply
  • Return headers and 150 and 250 hp pumps
  • Three 1500 ton cooling towers
  • Tie-ins of new to existing piping systems