Reactor Bottom Head Replacement

M. Davis is an expert in vessel repair, which involves a lot of facets; and, due to the nature of this work, requires welders accustomed to working in harsh environments.

Scope of Work

There was extensive stress corrosion cracking on the existing bottom head and half-pipe coil that needed to be replaced on a 26-year-old reactor. It required a skilled team to work in a harsh environment, with the necessary safety precautions due to flammable chemicals in the area; and enough manpower to work multiple shifts and manage complicated rigging in a tight space.

This project encompassed confined-space work, and involved scaffolding, examinations, and welding on site with existing materials. Our state-of-the-art welding equipment is made for harsh environments, and we have the skilled manpower to perform the work around the clock to get equipment back on line quickly and safely.

Project Details

The materials of construction used for the head and jacket consisted of Alloy 20 and 304L stainless steel respectively. Since the reactor was a registered ASME® code vessel repair under the National Board, an “R” stamp was required. M. Davis was able to provide both shop fabrication for the new head and coil as well as the rigging and welding field services required to complete the installation. Fabrication of an Alloy 20 head and stainless steel half pipe cool were performed under our NBIC “R” Certification.