North American Energy Services

Eagle Point Power

Eagle Point Power is owned by NAES (along with Chambers Cogeneration, Logan Generating Station, and West Deptford Energy).

M. Davis typically performs emergency work for Eagle Point (and its sister plants). We are the only contractor with enough qualified welders to do their emergency boiler and turbine weld repairs. We also provide shutdown support.

Scope of Work

  • Pipe fabrication, installation, repair
  • Removal and installation of equipment:
    • Stacks
    • Silencers
    • Tanks
    • Structural steel

Chambers Cogeneration

Any time a power plant must shut down, it loses money every day. Repairs are needed on the spot and quickly to get the plant back on line.

At Chambers Cogeneration (Carney Point Cogeneration Plant), we are able to supply certified welders around the clock on emergency weld repairs and boiler repairs. We can provide the essential manpower with the necessary welding stamps (ASME R, S, and U) to get the job done.

Scope of Work

A hole in a pipe required shutdown repairs on boiler and power pipes. We did not know the extent of the problem until we shut down the plant; examination revealed the issue was much worse than anticipated. Our crew performed a month-long job around the clock to repair two steam chests on the inlet side of the turbine.

Project Details

Work was performed in an elevated area under extremely dangerous conditions involving high pressure steam (2000 PSI).

  • ASME Code repairs were performed on:
    • Tanks
    • Pipe and vessels
    • Expansion joints
    • Bellows
  • Post-weld heat treat and radiologic testing
  • Miscellaneous projects including duct fabrication and installation