Power Distribution [VTi]

In August 2017, M. Davis and Sons acquired Valtech, Inc., a manufacturer and leading supplier of VTi industrial control and power distribution equipment for industry. With this addition to our capabilities, M. Davis has introduced VTi by M. Davis, a line of highly reliable and versatile equipment suitable for a broad range of applications, including lighting, machinery, instruments and other electrical loads in low-voltage distribution systems.

VTi by M. Davis products

Unitized Distribution System (UDS) – Standalone low-voltage power distribution units that are popular with engineering firms, plants and facilities because of their smaller footprint. The UDS is also customizable with additional options such as lighting contactors with HOA switch, primary disconnect, dual panelboards and GFCI and heat trace EPD breakers.

Dual Voltage Unitized Distribution System (DvUDS) – The same floor and wall space savings as well as field labor costs with this modification to our standard UDS; it is designed to provide electrical power distribution at both 480/277 volts and either 208/120 or 240/120 volts in a single freestanding integrated enclosure. The DvUDS is applicable for industrial and commercial buildings where there is a requirement for both 480/277 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire and 208/120 Volt, 3 phase, 4 wire or 240/120 volt, single phase, three wire, service. The relatively compact, three-compartment unit is easy to wire and its reduced design saves on purchasing and material handling.

Fused Distribution Panels (FDP) – Available in AC and DC versions, these popular panels provide electrical power distribution in applications requiring high-speed clearing of branch-circuit load faults from the supply source.

Portable Power Distribution Center (PPDC) – Solve temporary power distribution problems at low cost for all types of portable, temporary, or fast turn-around situations in industrial plants and construction projects, and government installations. Our panel shop can build custom panels that meet your engineer’s challenges for any scenario that requires power distribution in any number of scenarios.

Because of the PPDC’s customization capabilities and NEMA rating, this has become a favorite with the United States Navy. The highly durable, highly reliable PPDC operates in hydrous and chemical environments, indoors and outdoors. Our products have been in naval yards since 1978, with some of the original units still working as expected. Now that’s reliable.

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