DuPont – Cooling Towers

Scope of Work

Removed and replaced four cooling towers from the roof of a twenty story office building, the piping and the electrical/instrumentation work. The challenge came into view when we realized that the original cooling towers weren’t structurally safe to rig off the roof in any sort of sizable section, therefore M. Davis had to develop an innovative solution.

Project Details

  • Demolish the towers and piping and store them in the mechanical lofts below the roof.
  • Ran the scrap from the loft down the freight elevator and out of the building and into dumpsters at night and on weekends.
  • Designed the entire new piping systems in sections that would fit into the freight elevator and loaded the roof in reverse of how it had been cleared.
  • Placed the piping and handled the prep work in the panels for the electrical and instrumentation package.
  • On the final weekend, installed the new cooling towers, connected the piping, installed the instrumentation and had the system working to the customer’s satisfaction.