DuPont – Pedestrian Bridge

Scope of Work

Removed a pedestrian bridge 120 feet in the air over an active road that connected two office buildings in Wilmington, DE.

Project Details

  • The road needed to stay open during the week so the work had to be completed after 6PM on Friday and finished before 6AM on Sunday
  • The basements for the connected buildings extended to the curb line outside of the buildings which limited the equipment size that could be used.
  • Weekend 1: M. Davis stripped the bridge which included removing all of the siding, interior walls and the concrete flooring.
  • Weekend 2: M. Davis removed the structural steel frame using two smaller cranes because of the now reduced weight of the bridge.
    • Sizing the cranes so they would be large enough to lower the bridge but small enough to fit on the street and not damage any of the below ground facilities was a challenging task.
  • Another critical issue was estimating the weight of the structural steel frame so that the cranes could be pre-loaded to hold the frame once the final cuts were made.