Instrumentation & Calibration

Our ISA-certified technicians help you maintain the utmost instrument and process accuracy for the best results. They’ve trained and worked in many types of manufacturing facilities across various industries—and they are adhere to OSHA safety regulations, NFPA 70E, site-specific regulatory bodies, and M. Davis’ in-house safety department. They’ll come to your site or, to minimize disruption to your operation, take your equipment to our shop for service.

We offer on-site or mail-in calibrations, troubleshooting, and consultations for new or existing installations—the tip of our services iceberg.

Comprehensive instrumentation and calibration services

  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Modifications to existing systems
  • First break/line break capabilities
  • Repurpose existing systems/instrumentation
  • Electrical thermography inspections – a critical preventive maintenance and diagnostic tool to check for:
    • Loose or damaged electrical connections
    • Worn or damaged circuit breakers
    • Open circuits
    • Overloads or unbalanced loads
    • Faulty equipment
    • Harmonics
  • Calibrations for:
    • Temperature and humidity
    • Level
    • Pressure, flow
    • pH and conductivity
    • RPM

Additional services

  • SCADA systems integrator
  • Engineering services
  • Short-term and long-term staff supplementation
  • Develop calibration SOPs
  • Develop new control systems
  • Compliance audits
  • Identification audits and documentation with CAD drawings

Want greater accuracy on your instrumentation? Contact M. Davis about instrumentation and calibration at (800) 91-DAVIS.

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