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Investing in Construction Trades: National Apprenticeship Week

What would you say if someone asked if you were celebrating National Apprenticeship Week? Chances are you’ve never heard of National Apprenticeship Week in the United States before and had no intentions of celebrating it because you weren’t even aware that it existed. However, National Apprenticeship Week takes place every year in November in the United States. 

Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, apprenticeships are a big deal. These opportunities carry a lot of weight because young professionals interested in getting involved in construction will have the chance to learn from a craft professional with more experience and training in the field. Getting that hands-on experience is vital for anyone who wants to become successful in the construction industry for several reasons. It enables them to increase their comfort level, broaden their knowledge, and even enhance their skills to perform exceptionally well at any trade they choose.

At M. Davis & Sons, we encourage each team member to enroll in the State of Delaware Apprenticeship Program for a specific trade. Our mission is to help our team members succeed and excel in their construction career, enabling them to grow in their profession and find rewarding opportunities for the future. We’re fortunate to have over 100 team members currently enrolled in dozens of different trades such as Pipefitting, Plumbing, Electrical, Welding, and more.

The Advantages of an Apprenticeship

We look forward to celebrating National Apprenticeship Week as a company with dozens of skilled team members who’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to work side by side and learn from our highly qualified trade professionals. However, the truth is that we’re always advocating for apprenticeships, whether it’s November or not. The advantages of these internships are tremendous and include the following:

  • Gaining the hands-on experience needed to excel in your career – If you’ve always wanted to have a job in construction and would love to learn the ropes, an apprenticeship is an excellent way to do that.
  • Having the opportunity to receive one-on-one support and guidance – When working as an apprentice, you have more opportunities to ask questions that you might have, which will help you expand your knowledge even further.
  • Broadening your skill set to open the doors to more opportunities in the future – By becoming an apprentice, you can become better prepared to take on valuable roles within the construction industry. As a result, you can have more opportunities than the average person.
  • Completion of the Apprenticeship Program earns a Journeyman Certificate. The Journeyman Papers, or certificate, stay with you for life upon completion of the education side (night school in some cases) of the apprenticeship program and the required working hours in that trade (required for the State of Delaware). The Journeyman Papers typically equate to a higher payrate in many trades.

With advantages like these, it’s no wonder many people are choosing to find opportunities to start apprenticing. At M. Davis & Sons, we understand the value of apprenticeship and always recommend it to our team members. There is nothing quite like watching an experienced professional in action and having that opportunity to learn from them while asking questions and receiving the expert advice they have to offer. Now that you know about National Apprenticeship Week, how do you plan on celebrating? And if you’re considering diving into the construction industry, which trades are you most interested in trying?