MDavis Inc


Sustainable Impact Builds Enduring Legacies

At M. Davis, we pride ourselves on our Craftsmanship, Character, and Commitment. To help our people, communities and the planet thrive, we incorporate sustainable best practice, social responsibility and strong business governance as part of our legacy to be “one source for all.”

We recognize the impact of our work and we focus on delivering positive outcomes for people, communities and the planet. Our Chief Executive Officer is responsible for reviewing and overseeing sustainability efforts and responsible business programs at M. Davis. Our Executive Leadership Team oversees implementation – with the highest standards in how we design, build, operate and collaborate with our clients, partners and suppliers. Aligned with global sustainability frameworks, we are committed to regularly monitoring, measuring and improving our environmental, social and governance performance as supported through our policies, actions and leadership oversight.


We respect and comply with all environmental regulatory requirements at the local and national level. We commit to systematically manage our environmental impacts, set objectives and reduce our environmental impact on communities and the planet. As an innovative partner, we craft sustainable solutions for facilities construction, manufacturing and maintenance that consider life cycle management, minimize waste and optimize efficiency.

Focus areas:
– Offering sustainable solutions and innovation to customers
– Waste Reduction


With best-in-class working conditions, we strive to ensure the physical, mental and financial health of our employees. We prioritize workplace safety and quality. We advance a pipeline of skilled workers through investment in vocational education and mentoring which create jobs for the underserved in our communities and the underrepresented in our industry. We are focused on the expansion of supplier diversity to support a level playing field for all potential and existing suppliers.

Focus Areas:
– Workforce Development (Internal & External)
– Health & Safety
– Diversity
– Community Impact


At M. Davis, we believe strong governance is the foundation to delivering on our commitments. We build trust and integrity in our business practices and established a culture of ethical behavior. Our policies and practices incorporate end-to-end visibility to identify opportunity and mitigate risk. Our path to leadership succession includes equity interest, embracing our team’s role in contributing to company value and building upon our sense of long-term shared purpose.

Focus Areas:
– Supply Chain Management
– Certifications
– Business Continuity
– Leadership Succession


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