VTi by M. Davis Unitized Distribution System (UDS)

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Standalone Power Distribution Unit

The VTi by M. Davis Unitized Distribution System (UDS) is a versatile, proven and unique solution to electrical power distribution problems. The UDS is designed to provide electrical power distribution for a variety of general purpose applications including industrial plants, commercial buildings, instrument loads, and outdoor lighting. It is also used in typical Power Distribution Unit (PDU) applications such as communication facilities and data centers.

Popular with engineering firms, plants and facilities due to their smaller footprint, this space-saving unit provides all the components necessary for distribution of electrical power in an efficiently designed standalone enclosure.  The unit includes a power distribution transformer, a current limiting disconnect device in the transformer secondary, and a panelboard for individual branch circuit breakers.

Each unit is engineered, fabricated, assembled, factory wired, quality controlled and tested on-site at our facility in Newark, DE and shipped to the customer’s site for easy installation. They are all UL and/or CUL labeled.

Limitless variations in power inputs and outputs are possible by selecting among the many available options, which include primary disconnect devices, lighting contactors, weatherproof enclosures, K-rated transformers, and heat trace EPD breakers among many others.

An integral part of the design criteria is to provide the appropriate ventilation for the transformer heat, in order for the transformer to be mounted internally in the UDS. This is accomplished by the rear chimney design which allows the transformer heat to bypass the distribution equipment and safely dissipate through the top of the cabinet.

All compartment doors are mechanically interlocked with the secondary disconnect switch handle so that the internal access is restricted until power is disconnected or “screwdriver override” is activated. The panelboard wiring compartment is especially spacious to allow easy top access for wire pulls and convenient connection of field wiring to the branch circuit breakers. The net result is an easy to order, easy to install, all in one, UL Labeled power distribution system meeting OSHA and NEC electrical standards.

UDS Advantages

The UDS offers the following advantages in electrical power distribution applications:
  • Cabinet includes everything from one vendor
  • Easy to install; connects to a 480V source
  • Easy to wire; large spacious wire ways for load connections
  • Completely factory wired and tested
  • Interlocked compartment doors for safety
  • Meets NEC requirements
  • Field labor installation savings due to reduced installation time
  • Additional savings achieved in reduced design, purchasing, and material handling
  • Electrical and assembly drawings can be provided by electronic file


The UDS is designed with the following standard safety and convenience features:
  • Free standing, totally enclosed, unitized structure
  • Welded, heavy gauge steel construction
  • Internally mounted transformer
  • Separate compartmentalized secondary main breaker or fused disconnect switch with external lockable operator handle
  • Rear chimney design allows the transformer heat to ventilate through the top of the cabinet, bypassing the distribution components
  • 42 circuit, 3 or 4 wire, 225 Amp Panelboard for dead-front mounted plug-on or bolt-on circuit breakers
  • 480 Volt primary wires isolated through factory installed internal conduit
  • Separate power compartments isolated from one another (transformer, current limiting disconnects and circuit breaker panelboard)
  • Extra-large field wiring compartment
  • Mechanically interlocked compartment doors with “bypass” mechanism to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel
  • Key locked door for access to branch circuit breakers
  • Recessed panelboard to allow individual circuit breaker lockout while remaining branch circuits are operating with panelboard door closed
  • Powder coat finish
  • Lifting eyes for easy handling
  • Factory wired, quality controlled and tested
  • Meets all OSHA and NEC safety and electrical standards and is UL Listed and CUL (Canadian UL) Approved as a complete system

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